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Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
continues his visit to the region in cambodia. >> turkey is expected to ask nato to deploy patriot deciles to protect them from attacks from syria. the nato country has been able to provide such results are the u.s., the netherlands, and germany. >> there fearing german forces could be drawn into the serious conflict. what's the fighting has been inching closer for months and now the syrian regime is fighting rebels meters away from the border with turkey. there pushing for the creation of a buffer zone and some of the partners are getting ready to help. >> for 45 years, germany was the main beneficiary of nato solidarity. if a member makes a request, we are ready and willing to help. >> that help could take the form of misfiles capable of shooting down warplanes or rockets. the u.s., the netherlands, and germany are the only was with the latest patriot systems. german soldiers could be deployed to the syrian border. they say it is a delicate balancing act. >> to have to carefully consider a responsibility to our nato allies while ensuring in germany does not get drawn into a serious civil
Nov 26, 2012 8:30am EST
on afghanistan. members heard from the british ambassador to nato, the joint forces command and the deputy commander for nato's afghan training operations. the hearing focused on several topics, including the 2014 timetable for nato and british troop withdrawal. the threat of so-called green and blue attacks, and the training of afghan forces. this runs about an hour and 45 minutes. >> all of you, evidence session on afghanistan, which we are using today to look at what the current state of operations are in afghanistan. and how well the afghan national secretive forces are doing and how we're going to be planning for withdrawal from afghanistan. and i therefore would welcome as full evidence as you are able to give the current state of planning for all of this. we recognize that some of that planning may not yet be mature. so, would you like to introduce yourselves? spent i mariot leslie. >> thank you. >> i'm david capel, the chief of joint operations. i work at the northwood headquarters. [inaudible] >> thank you. >> james stevenson, i'm currently a member of the royal defense studies at
Nov 20, 2012 8:00pm EST
committee ambassador to nato in the joint forces commander for asked about the 2014 timetable for native and british troops to withdraw from afghanistan. nato and u.k. armed forces have been in afghanistan since october 2001. this is an hour 45 minute. >> welcome to all of you to the evidence session on afghanistan, which we are using today to look at the state of operations in afghanistan and how well the afghan national security forces are doing and how we are going to be planning for withdraw from afghanistan. i therefore would welcome full evidences you are able to give it the current state of planning for all of those. we recognize some of the planning may not yet be mature. so would you like to introduce yourselves? >> thank you very much. i'm mariot leslie, representative to nato. >> and i am david capewell, chief operations. i work at the northwood reporters. >> i command it home and -- >> jane stevenson, currently number at the royal college defense studies of afghanistan months ago. within the nato training commission within afghanistan. well, thank you earning much indeed. let
Nov 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
, but thanks very much for now. all right, moving on to other news now, turkey has asked nato for help in defending its border with syria. >> ankara wants to deploy peace missiles, which are designed to shoot down rockets and other missiles. >> the climate will first have to go to parliament for approval. >> for months, fighting between syrian rebels and the army has threatened to spill over into turkey. the turkish government wants patriot missile batteries deployed along its border. ankara has asked nato to send patriots and their crews, and some are likely to come from germany. berlin says it supports the plan. >> it would be a grave mistake if we were to refuse defensive support to a fellow nato country at a time when that country sees itself as being attacked from outside by a neighbor. >> patriot missiles can shoot down aircraft as well as incoming missiles. the u.s., the netherlands, and germany are the only nato countries which have the most recent versions of the technology, which means any deployment could see german soldiers stationed on turkey's border with syria. experts e
Nov 28, 2012 2:30pm PST
behind. >> nato forces have been struggling with the logistics of the withdrawal, and it is unclear if the afghan national army can survive. >> german forces in afghanistan can look forward to coming home. it is the modern german army's most extensive mission, but the end is in sight. the government has agreed on a gradual withdrawal from afghanistan. 1/3 of nearly 5000 soldiers are to be pulled out by the start of 2014. a year later, all german soldiers will have left, but stability is a key issue. that is why some soldiers will serve beyond 2014. their task will be to support afghan forces mainly with training. >> the security situation has improved a bit, but i would warn against taking that statement to mean the danger is over. we have to be prepared for bad news in the future. >> also being discussed is the question of how many soldiers are needed for the security force in afghanistan. opposition forces warned against high expectations. >> the afghan security forces will certainly manage to create stability in urban areas and along the main transport links, but other structures
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
of metal forces, are on hold. -- nato forces, are on hold. house, and mission surprise, the president guard toy caught off petraeus andral about thousands of mails between a- allen and florida ey.ialite jill kell >> he appreciates general petraeus remarkable service to this country. general allen was supposedly in fort nato commander. see what the investigation turns up. of congress offering questions -- altering what weretions to they thinking? >> it is beyond my imagination. the honorable thing was done. the general has resigned. >> so many questions left. how bad could this turnout? the fbi pull documents from home broadwell's overnight. on the hill today, an appearance by cia deputy director. in charge ofly cia. hewas asked by reporters if petraeus waseral having an affair. respond.t >> to help you follow the petraeus down the, we have a special photo gallery on our with the key players. he confronted on -- you on >> congress will be trying to government from cliff.g over the fiscal the president talked with labor leaders today. tomorrow, the president will ceos fro
Nov 13, 2012 2:30pm PST
nato's supreme commander in europe, but that appointment is now on hold. meanwhile, even more details of the scandal concerning general petraeus are coming to light. >> former cia head david petraeus said the affair lasted from december 2011 until four months ago. paula broadwell co-offset a biography on petraeus and made multiple trips to afghanistan -- co-authored a biography on petraeus. investigators are reported to have found that she had access to sensitive documents about afghanistan. agents searched her family home in north carolina on monday night. but there is another high-level figure involved. the pentagon is now investigating general john palin, the palinisaf -- general john allen, the current isaf commander in afghanistan. >> general allan is entitled to due process in this matter. in the meantime, the secretary has asked the president, and the president has agreed, to put his nomination on hold until the relevant facts are determined. >> and white house spokesman says president barack obama was surprised by the petraeus revelations -- a white house spokesman said. they
Nov 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
there close to formally asking nato for patriot misfiles to strengthen the anti- aircraft offensive alder border with syria. >> the foreign minister has talked with nato on the issue and they are in the final stages. there are likely to come from germany, one of the only three nato countries the patriot missiles in their arsenal. they have signaled that they would agree to the request. >> the french government has given assurances that the nation's economy is sound after u.s. credit rating agency moody's stripped them of their prize the a.a.a. status. this follows the cut by standard and poor's and it was expected. >> hollande is trying to revive the eurozone the second-largest economy. moody's had nothing good to say about france's economic prospects. they say the country has become less competitive and its labor market has turned staid. they say this makes them more bolt -- vulnerable to turbulence elsewhere in the eurozone. the french finance minister moscovici rejected the you downgrade. >> this does not put into question the fundamentals of our economy or reforms undertaken hat by th
Nov 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
in libya. when we have with support of the united states, of the nato, of arab countries to defeat the gadhafi regime which was in libya for 42 years. but the challenges are still great in front of us. we have security issue. unfortunately, the government is still not under control of the libyan territories. we have borders, we have illegal immigrants, we have some terrorists, and we have some groups who are having weapons in their hands. how can we control them, how can we bring them under the umbrella of the governments? this needs two things; one, support of our friend, support during the war, and the second thing that we have to take this people as much as we can under an umbrella and of government. we need to train them, the one who are ready to work for the military or for the minister of interior, and we have to find -- [inaudible] we have to create job for them. this is a very long process. it will take time and need patience. but unfortunate, the expectation of libya is very, very high. and this is without security, without security we will not be able to do anything. we n
Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
experience, which included commanding, for lack of better description, the nay -- nato construct, and there's hundreds of thousand of recruits, possibly presenting a a -- the overriding view across mtna, across nations, was the weight to get alongside these afghans, and we saw -- i was in kabul when the two u.s. officers were shot in the national military police coordination center in the moi. there was an absolute bizarre for those who were present on the day to -- doug touched on this as proximity with the afghans, and it's very often the best form of defending against this form of attack. >> [inaudible] >> general, will you be able to achieve a successful withdrawal of u.k. combat troops by the end of 2014. >> i absolutely understand the investments, and there's a lot of material. my headquarters absolutely understand how much we have got to move over the time? >> the overall general plan of withdrawal, will you be able to be successful do you think? >> yes, i will. noting, of course, that the national operation is inside a wider nato operation, and a great deal of work is being done in
Nov 13, 2012 4:00am PST
, the commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan is now under investigation for alleged inappropriate communications with jill kelley. now investigators are said to be looking into the 20,000 to 30,000 pages of e-mails and other documents that he sent to her. kelley, of course, is the florida woman whose original complaint to the fbi about threatening e-mails inadvertently exposed the affair between general petraeus and paula broadwell. meantime a team of fbi agents searched broadwell's home in charlotte, north carolina, overnight, and spent nearly five hours there wrapping up just after 1:00 in the morning. "wall street journal" is reporting that the fbi agent who launched the petraeus investigation himself is under investigation. in part because he sent shirtless pictures of himself to jill kelley. jill kelley, the woman who kicked off all of this investigation, by complaining about the e-mails that she was getting from the petraeus mistress. so the agent, who knew kelley, allegedly sent those pictures before any investigation began, but as you can see, the story is getting much mor
Nov 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
that countries are wondering if the european union can take over from nato. it will not become a global player in terms of international security, but it needs a player for the periphery of the european union. >> looking at current conflicts around the world in syria, iran is an issue, afghanistan -- what you think the biggest challenge for president obama will be in his second term? >> first, the iranian nuclear program. second, the future of afghanistan. may be connected to the role of pakistan. may be the rise of china, the current tensions in southeast asia, and finally, the implications of the european financial crisis on the international financial system and, therefore, the u.s. >> we thank you very much for joining us today. >> back here in berlin, angela merkel said she looked forward to working side-by-side as friends and allies with barack obama. here is more on reaction in germany. >> chancellor merkel was among the first to congratulate president obama. she invited him to berlin and underscored her hopes for the future. >> we know each other well, and i look forward to working tog
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
explains why it could cost him his role as supreme allied commander of nato and may lead to prosecution. 3 ii simple termm: this is a story about a former top geeeral, david petraeus, his successor john allen-- and two women: petraeus biographer paula broadwell and petraeus faaily friend jill kelley. between themmis complicated: involving the fbi, cia, ppntagon, the white houseeand congress. "i am puzzled by much of what has occurred in to an affair with broadwell, which amm to light when the fbi investigated what one u-s official has described ass "jealous" emails broadwell sent to elley. now, general allen is under investigation for allegedly sending to kelley email messages one defense official escrrbed as "flirtatiius." defense officials say authorities are pages of documents. "it - really makes yoo wonderrhow he it, and the motivation to do o - that from afar." the news about allen--which the national security council spooesman says president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned-- has put allen's nominntion to be nato's supreme allied commander on hold..allen
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am EST
. even as allen's nomination to be nato's commander. they are calling 20,000 to 30,000 e-mails. kelly is the woman who sparked the investigation into petraeus and broadwell. general allen said he did nothing wrong. >> i believe john allen until somebody proves otherwise. i believe he did nothing appropriate. >> reporter: while those involved in this case has been quiet. jill kelly tells tampa dispatchers she needs diplomatic protection because she's honorary counsel to korea. >> they should not be able to cross my property. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved, as well. but now, because that's against the law to cross my walk since it's invilible. >> reporter: and lawmakers are demanding answers. when fbi officials brief them later this morning, they are expected to lay out how they handled this case and make it clear there were no politics involved. rob and paula? >> david petraeus still knows a lot about the benghazi attack. he was supposed to testify on thursday in front of the senate intelligence committee. will congress force him to testify? >> reporter:
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm EST
will help draw in more international support as well as resources. >>> a nato service member killed today in an insider attack in afghanistan. afghan officials say an attacker wearing an afghan army uniform shot and killed a member of the u.s.-led coalition forces. the soldier's identity and nationality have not been disclosed. at least 57 soldiers have been killed in so-called insider attacks this year. nato is preparing to withdraw most combat troops by the end of 2014. >>> a major snowstorm slamming canada. residents digging out after several feet of snow, and more could be on the way. a lot nicer in our area. sunny and warm today, but it is i we -- is winter weather on the way here? chuck bell will have your >>> dc united! >> soccer fans came out to spend their sunday cheering for dc united. this afternoon they took on the houston dine mynamo. big crowd packed the irish whiskey bar. the team's first trip to the eastern conference final since 2006, and i think fans are just a little bit excited. >> if you look around at this crowd right now, the city is ready to go. the boys are ready
Nov 26, 2012 1:40am EST
the top commander of all nato troops in afghanistan? the most single landlocked country with the exception of chad but they have expanded their mission with the role of national defence. it does not seem right. but have they thought of themselves was the editor john. >> but they have always felt from there beginning. >> bad day parade florida attempt to but to abolish them out right but him. >> but they can to hon. >>host: is the feeling reinforced? >> it is still alive and well. there are positive elements of that cultural train making them extraordinarily focused and cohesive but even today with their prestigious the president do not to say we have to watch and and take care of our own. then it will cease to exist. >> marine corps history. >> can the bid shipment transition? >> roughly 20% each year ago to the marine corps. it is a competitive selection emboss us. more people want to become a marine then spots available. we had a number of recruits from their company classroom and. >> i a
FOX News
Nov 14, 2012 1:00am PST
to command europe and be the nato commander. >> bill: i'm not exactly sure what he is alleged to have done. do you know what they are saying? what's the buzz as they say in military circles? >> he is being -- alleged to have had flirtatious emails with this kelley who you talked about being the whistleblower. >> whistleblower, right. >> there is a few hundred to a few thousand depending who is counting of emails between ms. kelley and general allen. the problem for general allen is there a specific charge in the uniformed code of military justice, military law article 134 that applies to him as it might to general petraeus if he had an affair while he was in uniform. >> bill: he says he did not, correct? >> general allen is saying there was nothing going on between them. the problem is feel have looked in the emails and suggest there was flirtatious. the problem is that the nato command job is being held until this is determined what really went on. >> bill: all right. now, colonel shaffer, why should the folks care about this? we see powerful people through the history having, you know, w
Nov 14, 2012 5:30pm PST
in on the scandal that ended the career of his c.i.a. director and derailed his nominee to lead nato. president obama told a news conference no classified information was compromised in the e-mail and sex scandal. he was asked about david petraeus, perhaps most distinguished army general of his generation, who quit the c.i.a. last week after an f.b.i. investigation discovered that he was having an affair. >> general petraeus had an extraordinary career. he served this country with great distinction in iraq, in afghanistan, and as head of the c.i.a. by his own assessment, he did not meet standards that he felt were necessary as the director of the c.i.a. with respect to this personal matter that he is now dealing with, with his family, and with his wife. and it's on that basis that he tendered his resignation, and it's on that basis i accepted it. >> pelley: in the same question, the president was asked about general john allen, commander of the u.s. forces in afghanistan and his nominee to lead nato. but mr. obama was silent on allen. the same f.b.i. investigation uncovered e-mails between alle
Nov 13, 2012 7:00pm EST
to be commander of nato forces in europe. a nomination temporarily on hold. >> for all that you have done for me and our -- >> reporter: the general is married with a sterling record. on a flight to australia monday night, aids to leon panetta disclosed a dramatic turn in the petraeus case. they uncovered what the pentagon called potentially inappropriate communications between the general and jill kelley who he and his wife got to know in tampa, and were reviewing between 20 and 30,000 pages of documents, including e-mails over two years. officials say some were flirtatious. the general strongly denies an improper relationship. the fbi discovered the e-mails during its investigation of kelley's e-mails. sparked by her complaints about anonymous threats which turned out to be from paula broadwell. they say they found no wrongdoing by general allen, but turned the files over to the pentagon, which monday ordered its inspector general to invest gate at the same hour, fbi agents were sweeping through paula broadwell's north carolina home, carrying out bags and boxes of the materials. officials say
Nov 24, 2012 12:00am PST
. but recently, the ankara government has made an interesting request to nato. tell us more about it. >> warner: you're absolutely right, ray, turkey has requested-- actually a week or so ago-- for nato to send patriot missile batteries to defend turkey's border and airspace against any incoming of any sort that could wowld come in from syria and elsewhere. it's no secret the turkish prime minister and assad have been on the outs since assad was called on to step down. as you know, turkish forces have been moved to the border. there has been some back-and-forth. it has become very apparent and widely discussed in the media here, despite having the second largest army in nato after the u.s., turkey's air defenses are not that great. what turkey is saying to nato we need to defend our airspace. there is, however, speculation that it might also be turkey's backdoor way of putting in a cornerstone from which nato ultimately might create a no-fly zone inside syria. and that is something turkey has been calling for, for months now, because they want to create a zone in which internally displaced in s
Nov 13, 2012 9:00am PST
allen is the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. was nominated to become nato's supreme commander as well. he has denied any wrongdoing. so, how are these people linked to the scandal? how are they connected? follow us. we'll try to explain this. general patreaus resigned after admitting to having an extra marital affair with paula broadwell. a friend jill kelley asked to investigate harassing e-mails see whas receiving from paula broadwell. the "wall street journal" saying the fbi agent who initiated the investigation at kelli's request is under scrutiny. the agent has not been identified but allegedly sent kelley shirtless photos of himself. started with a complaint about harassing e-mails. he here's what we know about the woman who made that complaint, jill kelley, married to a cancer surgery, she has three daughters, lived in tampa, well-known among washington social circles. they have been friends with general patreaus and his family for five years. friends describe kelley as an innocent victim about e-mails accuse kelley of flirting with patreaus. how does this impact the careers of
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
thursday for senate hearing to become the military head of nato. now that is on hold. >> we need to be careful not to have this cloud of scandal start to color the image of general allen because the minute that happens, it may be almost too late to sustain his leadership. >> wolf, so everybody is talking about 30,000 pages of documents and e-mails. it sounds like an extraordinary number. but behind the scenes, officials are telling us be cautious. some of this may be copies, it may be blast e-mails to one of general allen's e-mail lists, some may be on his business computer, military computer, some may be on his private computer. we just don't know yet the full scope of all of this. so far, the white house is still expressing confidence in him as commander of the war in afghanistan, wolf. >> the war in afghanistan, but they put on hold at least for now his confirmation hearings to be the chief -- the head of nato if you will, supreme allied commander for europe. those confirmation hearings at least for now on hold and they're trying to accelerate the confirmation hearings of the
FOX News
Nov 13, 2012 10:00pm PST
command and commander of nato forces in europe. for now that nomination is on hold. general allen is accused of exchanging thousands of inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley. >> it is simply a fact that is the white house was not aware of a situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday. >> greta: time for congress to man up and get the facts. four americans have been murdered in libya and the obama administration is still dragging its feet two months later still not telling the story. former director david petraeus knows about benghazi, two weeks ago he was in lib qa ya to conduct his own investigation of september 11th attack. should he be forced to testify before congress? we spoke to lindsay graham a short time ago. >> senator, nice to see you. congressman, they have written a letter tha saying a select committee to what happened in benz? >> john mccain and myself we will introduce a resolution asking the majority leader, mitch mcconnell to do a select committee. why do you need one? the state department is under the foreign operations committee foreign relations commit
Nov 13, 2012 2:00am PST
to become the supreme ally commander for nato. first off, what's the latest on the investigation? you are hearing anything? what is going to happen to general allen? >> reporter: yeah, right now what i'm hearing is that general allen is here in washington wondering exactly the same thing. he was just 48 hours away from going before that senate confirmation hearing to take over nato. now that has been postponed. he is here and people are wondering what's going to happen to him next. from what we've been able to determine from sources at the pentagon, basically they are looking at between 20 and 30,000 pages, most of them e-mails sent between general allen and jill kelly down in florida between 2010 and 2012. so right up until this year. i'm told the e-mails were inappropriate in nature and now the inspector general here at the pentagon is looking through those to see what exactly is contained. here's what secretary leon panetta said about the future of general john allen in a statement while he was traveling to california. he said, "while this matter is under investigation and before t
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
, john allen. america's top commander in afghanistan. he was set to become the nato supreme commander, until the president put that nomination on hold today. like petraeus, allen is at the top of the american military. he's a four-star general. one of only four four-star generals in the entire u.s. marine corps. officials are investigating general john allen after finding allegedly inappropriate e-mails between general allen and jill kelley. the same jill kelley who had contacted the fbi about receiving harassing e-mails from petraeus biographer and former mistress, paula broadwell. allen, who once worked for petraeus at the u.s. central command, denies any wrongdoing as investigators look through 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents. now, i want to make it clear what we know at this time is that it's not clear how many of those documents may include potentially inappropriate communication. but the new allegations have raised serious questions tonight about the culture of relationships in the military, and we're going to have more on that in a moment. but first, we go to our pentagon c
Nov 14, 2012 2:00am PST
and that is how this all unravels. now, speaking of general allen, he, of course, is the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan. he was nominated as the supreme allied commander in europe. and that nomination is on hold. but secretary panetta said that they have confidence in him. let's listen to panetta. >> no one should leap to any conclusions. no one should leap to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job at isap and leading those forces. he has my continued conference to lead those forces and continue to fight. but his nomination has been put on old because it's a prude measure until we determine what the facts are. and we will. >> right, john, obviously it's going to take a while because this is a very tangled situation. but they certainly are looking at exactly what is described as flirtatious e-mails that still remain to be seen what the nature of this was. >> jill, you talk about jill kelley at the center of this whole controversy and scandal. we have new details about her relationship with both general allen and general petraeus. they stepped in to help he
FOX News
Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm PST
supporters. turkey may soon ask the united states and nato for patriot missiles. to help protect against the syrian -- against syrian attack on that border. "the fox report's" correspondent january than hunt has been covering this for what seems like forever. what are u.s. officials say be about giving munitions here. >> they says turkey's need and desire tore patriot ceives missile systems is the result of syrian attacks across the border into turkey u.s. officials point out that the u.s. has helped turkey with defensive systems before. and it appears that they are willing to do so again. they point out there is a formal process that must be gone through. listen. >> my understanding is that as of today we haven't had a formal request of nato. but, as you know, in the past, we have reinforced turkey with patriots so, you know, we will await a formal request and then nato will deliberate. so we are obviously looking at the full range of things to ensure that turkey remains safe and secure. >> and turkish officials are reportedly saying tonight that that formal request to nato will come ve
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 483 (some duplicates have been removed)